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Singer, performer, actress, artist, equestrian, Christian, and lover of all life, Kaya Welsh, is a versatile singer and performer. She grew up with horses, and at a young age started learning and working with various other animals. She started performing in shows at the age of  11 as Grimsby in "The Little Mermaid Jr". She has always tried to bring light, love, and passion into all areas of her life.  

Since her first show, Kaya has been a veteran of the stage in numerous ensembles and roles in shows including, the regional premiere "Jesus Christ Superstar",  "Chicago," "Adella" in the regional premiere of "The Little Mermaid," "Meatloaf" in the regional premiere of "We Will Rock You" that was featured on the rock group, Queen's official website. 
Kaya played "Crissy" in the regional premiere of "Hair," with the original writer, James Rado, in attendance.

Kaya started studying voice with operatic tenor, Lee Farrar Bailey at the age of 15 and under his coaching, Mr. Bailey  produced Kaya's first studio album, "Timeless," an album of classic covers by The Andrews Sisters, Johnny Mathis, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and many others. 
Kaya is also an accomplished musician, as an additional result of studying music theory under the tutelage of
Colm Keegan of Celtic Thunder who is now teaching her to sing in the Irish language and has mixed and mastered one emotional ballad from a vocal recording over a  Zoom meeting.

In 2020, Kaya made the brave decision to undergo surgery receive and attach a Vagus Nerve Stimulator, to help her then uncontrolled Epilepsy. This was not an easy decision, because she knew there was a possibility of vocal paralysis, but by the grace of God in time she was able to recover, learn her new "normal," and is now learning to sing better than ever, and continues to improve vocally with the guidance of her current coach, Dr. Maryann Kyle.

She is also a member of "Artists United," a group featuring musicians from around the whole world that was started by Italian artist, Veronica Vitale, when she featured all the artists in her song and video "Hymn to Humanity." 

Kaya also entertains children and adults as "Melody the Fairy" at fairs and various events. Kaya is plans to continue learning, growing, performing, and record more music and see what the future holds. 

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