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Lovesong (Originally by The Cure) 2024
Grace (as Gaeilge) 2024Kaya Welsh (Music, Mixing, Mastering, and translation by Colm Keegan)
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These vocals were recorded on a Zoom meeting with teacher, solo artist, and front man of the band Celtic Thunder, Colm Keegan, who was in Scotland at the time, while Kaya was in Louisiana, USA. Colm translated the lyrics of this emotional and true Irish ballad (written in English in 1985 by Frank and Seán O'Meara) into the Irish language, taught them in a virtual class on and mixed, mastered, and the added music he played himself on the keyboard and recorded. 

Janet's solo part of "Rose Tints My World" in "The Rocky Horror Show" (Live 2023)

"Precious Memories" Hymn in "Sordid Lives"
            (Live 2023)


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